Game On!!! (Government VS Private)

After much debate within the class, it is time for our own personal reflection. Now, we do know what are the pros and cons associated with each party taking control of the media. The question is, who should really take control of the Media?

Contestant No. 1 (the government)

Contestant No. 2 (private media)


Which side are you on?


During the past 5 weeks of BCM 110 – Introduction to Communication and Media Studies, we came to understand the impact of the media, such as its influence on our thoughts and perspectives.

In these 50 years of national independence, the government has done a great job in governing the country, in terms of economics, security and many others.


As I have mentioned during our presentation, a series of racial riots broke out between the Malay and Chinese citizens in 1964. As a result, people were afraid to leave their homes for days, causing them to stop going to work to avoid being caught in the riot. Hence, the Singapore government made use of the media, such as through the news on television, radio and newspapers, as a platform to inform the citizens of the situation and what they should do.


At 11.10 a.m. Radio Singapore announced that the curfew would be re-imposed from 11.30 a.m. and advised people to stay indoors.

However, nothing is perfect in this world, which creates room for citizens to criticize on the government through various social platforms.

  • Incapable of leading Singapore


  • Why I am not proud to be Singaporean


  • What they are doing with your CPF


With all of these criticisms that we hear, sub-consciously, at the back of our head, we begin to question the government’s capability in managing our country.

In all, I believe that not all of us have the competence to be responsible with what to post online. Therefore, I stand firm with my decision, that the media should be owned the government.


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4 thoughts on “Game On!!! (Government VS Private)”

  1. I agree with what you said on competency in being responsible when using media. Your examples of people who have spoken out against the social norm with social media relates well with your view that irresponsible usage of media can have detrimental effects against peace in Singapore. My opinion is that many people confuse the idea of ‘freedom of speech’ as being the same as being ‘freedom from the consequences of free speech’.

    I like how you always seem to be able to bring your points across in a way that is clear yet funny at the same time. Overall, after these few weeks we can see that media is a very powerful tool and indeed, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.

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    I agree with you that for the past 50 years, the Singaporean government has done a great job in pushing Singapore to new heights from a small fishing island. We owe the economic prosperity, the security and the opportunity to receive proper and formal education to our government. Though there is an increasingly trend that the existing ways of governing are losing its popularity, I still feel that our local media should remain state-owned. The main reason being that Singaporeans have grown up in such a protected environment and our government has helped to filter out many dangerous information, such as the terrorists recruitment, it is impossible for Singaporeans handle an entirely free media. Singapore is just not ready for free-media ownership as of now.

    However, after reading your post, I feel that there is a need for a freer media in Singapore in view of the ‘CPF Saga’. This would ensure more transparency with the government’s intentions behind their policies. This should be done in a gradual pace so as to prevent Singaporeans being overwhelmed by a sudden bombarding of information from all over the world.

    All in all, this is a great post and though I feel that the government should release its grip on the media slightly, I agree that the media in Singapore should ultimately be state-owned.

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  3. I think it is really great to actually remind us of how the government has taken good care of us through the 50 years, using media to help make sure that the citizens are in good hands, safekeeping our safety and not letting us live in fears and uncertainty.
    The availability of private media like what you had brought up, about Steph Micayle, Amos yee and Roy Ngerng, really can cause people to misuse media. Their points of view of the government are sometimes not true and accurate. I can just accuse of someone about something on the internet, take some statistics and change it to show what I want others to see the way I see it. It is so misleading and that is definitely not the way how Singapore can benefit and progress. I totally agree with you on the stand that not all of us are able to be held responsible for the what we post online, that is why government should control the media.

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  4. Hi Wallace,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. I liked the way how you presented the examples showing it as contestant 1, contestant 2 etc.. I agree with you that freedom of speech does not mean anyone can say anything to hurt the other person. There should be boundaries drawn to prevent hatred and ignorance. We have this view that freedom is to be free and that we can do whatever we want that does not mean we can do things at the expense of others. I agree with you that the government should control the Singaporean media because the government cares for the welfare of the people. It can prevent serious issues such as racism.Thank you for sharing a piece of Singapores history:)


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